Whatever you need, just let us know and we will sort it out — simple!

Our support services are designed from the ground up to allow us to deliver the very best in customer service. We make it easy.

How we do it;

  • Visibility - Meaningful, interactive service reports that are free of technical jargon show you how we are performing inside your business.
  • Accountability - Our approach to IT service is all about taking the IT pain off of your desk and on to ours. It is then our job to manage and solve it.
  • Fast and Friendly Support - Your staff are treated as professionals by professionals.  If it is urgent for them, then we make it urgent for us. Simple!



Live Support

All our clients have access to live chat direct to our service team. A very easy method to engage us for an instant response. Click to start live support.

Rivercity Connect

A quick and easy way to review your service history and check on the status of any service request across your business. Install the app on your smart phone or tablet, or access via the web.

Remote Support

Instant access to our service team. We connect with you to resolve your problem fast. No matter where you are, we have you covered.

Dashboard Reporting

Interactive dashboards give you the same information that we use to measure how we are performing. We also use this information to improve your network. What technology elements are generating the most effort? Which staff could benefit from some training? What applications are not performing as required? What components of your network are affecting your staff's productivity?