Technology Consulting

We help you to understand the most relevant options available for your requirements and lay out a business technology plan on how to achieve your specific objectives.

We predict what the business impact of technology decisions will be, giving you certainty that your IT plan is in step with your business requirements. Our consulting process provides a fresh perspective on how to decide what technology options will work best for you and your budget.

Our no-charge technology consult allows you to experience our services first hand. This is an excellent opportunity to discuss the IT challenges that exist inside your business with our solutions team. This process includes an assessment of the current IT environment outlining risks and identified performance concerns and linking the technology suitability back to your business objectives.


Our technology consulting delivers outcomes that enable your business to:

  • Provide flexibility for your staff and management - Securely and effectively integrate tablet computers such as iPads other devices and utilise the innovation that is associated with these tools.
  • Assess server computing requirements – Whether you use cloud computing, on premise or a hybrid approach – your goals are to present the most efficient way of delivering applications and information to the people inside and outside of your business with a budget that makes sense.
  • Understand and control IT business risk – Making sure that your data is protected and secure. We take responsibility for your business continuity planning. Our support service includes a disaster recovery guarantee - By utilising private cloud disaster recovery services we guarantee that your information protection strategy is documented, verified, tested and works.
  • Control your IT spend - For some business owners, IT can be something that is an unplanned burden on the business financially. Knowing and predicting your future spend gives you the confidence to effectively plan and adhere to a technology business plan.
  • Get the most out of your spend - We manage your other technology vendors. These include internet services, web developers, hosting services, multifunction printers, mobile data services, voice providers and your application partners. We become the point of contact and ensure all the technology tools that your business needs to function, are integrated successfully. It is surprising how much time we can save office staff when we take care of all the day to day IT issues that occur. Because we solve problems from a whole-of-IT perspective, it does not take long for recurring issues to disappear.
  • A robust and reliable IT foundation - By far the most common issue we have had to address is to solve the problem of a good IT implementation turned bad due to poor or inconsistent care. This is usually a consequence of little or no accountability for the long term health of the IT environment.

Your IT environment is constantly changing. New applications, tools or devices need to be integrated into the business in a carefully planned and coordinated way. Each problem that is solved needs to be seen as part of IT as a whole. A consolidated, well thought out and professionally executed framework that is well managed gives you fewer problems, better performance, is faster to remediate and provides a stronger return on investment.

We consider these factors to ensure that any solution integrated into your business is best practice. We consider scalability requirements, ensure it is well maintained and delivers to you robust performance from implementation into the future.