Proactive Technology Management

We do whatever it takes to keep your IT working for you. We make the time to ensure that your IT is always looked after; no shortcuts – ever.

Our proactive technology services deliver consistent performance with minimal downtime. These services are fundamental to a well maintained network.

Patch Management – We protect staff time and business reputation by making sure that everything inside your business is protected against internet borne threats and operating system and application exploits.

Anti-Spyware Management – Viruses, trojans and malware can render a device unusable, are costly to recover from and can lead to a loss of business reputation or data. Our planned and consistent approach to manage this risk is backed by a guarantee to remediate any unlikely incident as a part of our agreement.

Spam Management – This is an annoyance for all email users. We will keep it out of your inbox for good.

Device Optimisation – For most users the PC is the first point of productivity. We keep your PCs clean and fast. We get predictive failure alerts on hardware; alerts when a determined threshold is reached that could affect performance and deliver automated maintenance services.

Documentation – IT environments can be complex. Professional documentation includes process as well network topology. We work with your team to make sure you have appropriate IT process around:

  • IT role in HR process
  • remote access
  • approval matrix for adds, moves and changes
  • checklist for any significant event that may constitute change management
  • incident reports
  • password and IT use
  • mobile device use
  • using personal computing devices
  • social media use.
Remote Backup – In addition to our private cloud target back up and business continuity planning for critical servers, we provide set and forget off site back up service for other devices – such as ipads, PCs and notebooks. This is a simple and cost effective way to protect your mobile workforce, teleworkers and staff that need to have data protected.

Mobile Device Management – Mobile devices are an invaluable tool for people that need access to information any place any time. How you consider the security implications of this is very important. An effective mobile device management strategy ensures that all your information and security risks are covered and all the benefits that go along with mobile devices such as iPads are still available for your team.

Our proactive services team are passionate about keeping your network and staff effective. We operate under a very simple principle, the more problems we prevent, the fewer we have to solve.

Rivercity’s systems, procedures and people are constantly in a state of quality improvement to make sure that no one can make IT easier for your business.