Rivercity Solutions Launch New Website and Branding

Posted on October 31 2012 by Jamie Powter

Rivercity are proud to present a dapper new look!

​We’re all super-proud of our bold new image. We hope that the new branding and website really communicates how we run our business - we’re open, friendly, up to date and unique.

Most technology support websites contain pages of technical information and lists of specifications and stats. We wanted to avoid all of that and present up front and central, our key assets: our people. Of course it took a bit of convincing to coax the to have their photograph taken and have them displayed so prominently on the site, but we’re proud of what we’ve achieved at Rivercity and we wanted to show it!

As the website is a bit different and breaks out of the norm, we’d love to get your feedback. Drop us a line and tells us what you think - even if it is just to compliment Steve on his hair!